five technologies GmbH is an R&D company which designs instruments and software for analytical measurements. We specialise in the development of Time-of-Flight mass spectrometers (TOF-MS) for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds. Our team covers everything from ion optics to fast speed electronics and SW & firmware development. We also develop algorithms for chemometric data evaluation techniques.

Areas of Expertise

TOF-MS design

  • Compact reflectron TOF-MS with gas inlet
  • Modular design for greater flexibility and easy assembly

Ion source design

  • Direct extraction for optimum ion transmission rates
  • High-voltage floating potential for maximising ion velocities
  • Small volume gridless design

Ionisation techniques

  • Hard and soft electron impact ionisation (10-70 eV)
  • Novel plasma ionisation for GC-TOF-MS


  • High-voltage pulsers
  • GHz multi-channel trigger generators
  • Temperature control devices for vacuum systems

Acquisition and Control SW

  • Instrument control
  • Data acquisition (GHz sample rates)
  • Data and control interfacing
  • Instrument autotuning

Data Post Processing

  • Centroiding and deconvolution methods for accurate mass measurement
  • Signal background compensation
  • Chromatographic deconvolution algorithms
  • Feature selection algorithms
  • Chemometric data evaluation

Joint Research Projects


Detection of 30 pg of Sarin with thermal desorption GC-TOFMS.


Fast GC-MS detection of a mixture of explosives (200 pg on column) in a petroleum standard (ASTM D2887, 3,7 ng on column).


We partner with research experts in industry, government and academia to develop and support successful solutions.