five technologies GmbH is an R&D company which designs instruments and software for analytical measurements. We specialise in the development of Time-of-Flight mass spectrometers (TOF-MS) for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds. Our team covers everything from ion optics to fast speed electronics and SW & firmware development. We also develop algorithms for chemometric data evaluation techniques.

Areas of Expertise

  Are you looking for a custom specific solution in the following areas?
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TOF-MS design

  • Compact reflectron TOF-MS with gas inlet
  • Modular design for greater flexibility and easy assembly

Ion source design

  • Direct extraction for optimum ion transmission rates
  • High-voltage floating potential for maximising ion velocities
  • Small volume gridless design

Ionisation techniques

  • Hard and soft electron impact ionisation (10-70 eV)
  • Novel plasma ionisation for GC-TOF-MS


  • High-voltage pulsers
  • GHz multi-channel trigger generators
  • Temperature control devices for vacuum systems

Acquisition and Control SW

  • Instrument control
  • Data acquisition (GHz sample rates)
  • Data and control interfacing
  • Instrument autotuning

Data Post Processing

  • Centroiding and deconvolution methods for accurate mass measurement
  • Signal background compensation
  • Chromatographic deconvolution algorithms
  • Feature selection algorithms
  • Chemometric data evaluation

Joint Research Projects


Detection of 30 pg of Sarin with thermal desorption GC-TOFMS.


Fast GC-MS detection of a mixture of explosives (200 pg on column) in a petroleum standard (ASTM D2887, 3,7 ng on column).


We partner with research experts in industry, government agencies and academia to develop and support successful solutions.
We help you to design and build custom‐made instrumentation in the above Areas of Expertise.

  • GHz multi‐channel trigger generators with USB interface and electrical and optical outputs.
  • Ion optics design for TOF mass spectrometers using SIMION modelling.
  • Interfacing your mass spectrometer with peripheral instrumentation.
  • Novel detector design for extended dynamic range.
  • API for state‐of‐the‐art ADCs to cater for your requirements.
  • Novel algorithms for baseline subtraction and deconvolution (univariate and multivariate).
Are you looking for a custom specific solution in the above areas, then contact us at tof@fivetechno.de.